Davis Bioscience Group is a life sciences management consulting company providing expert intellectual and technical services to the life sciences industry and the bioentrepreneur. We have been serving the needs of our clients for fifteen years with a unique blend of seasoned business experience and an in-depth understanding of the technologies and market forces driving the current revolution in the life sciences. Davis Bioscience Group combines superior knowledge, strategic thinking and timely execution to create the greatest value for our clients. We pride ourselves on seeing opportunities long before they become obvious to others. More importantly, Davis Bioscience Group has the ability to translate these opportunities into tangible rewards for our clients.

By balancing the near-term capital needs of our clients with a long-term commitment to value creation, Davis Bioscience Group can create a win-win opportunity for both the investor and the entrepreneur. In all aspects of our operations and client services, we are steadfastly committed to excellence, professionalism, integrity, fairness, respect, trust, teamwork and entrepreneurship. These values are at the heart of our corporate philosophy.

We chose to focus on the life sciences industry because we believe that this is where the best investment returns can be found. Moreover, investing in life sciences companies provides investors with a unique opportunity to do well by doing good – that is, to participate in improving the quality of life for people around the world while achieving substantial returns on their investments.

Davis Bioscience Group also provides strategic planning and hands-on oversight of our portfolio companies. Through our extensive life sciences network, we can facilitate collaborations and partnerships, assist in attracting key personnel and provide other value-added activities. Our relationships throughout the investment community also enable us to help portfolio companies identify subsequent rounds of financing.